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Drawing inspiration from each of our specialized practice areas, WSN Consulting offers a multifaceted suite of services, encompassing advisory, resourcing, and innovative business process automation solutions. Our offerings are powered by an elite cadre of business analysts, project and program managers, PMO professionals, and subject matter experts. Our organizational structure is designed to mirror our clients', facilitating swift and efficient service delivery.

Finance & Treasury

From designing innovative operating models to delivering robust financial analytics, we’ve got every aspect of financial change covered. Whether it’s navigating structural reform, stress testing, capital and balance sheet management, or regulatory reporting, our expert team is ready to guide you through it all. With WSN Consulting, you’re not just adapting to change – you’re leading it.
  • Comprehensive Financial Transformation
  • Innovative Operating Model Design
  • Robust Financial Analytics
  • Navigating Structural Reforms
  • Stress Testing Solutions
  • Capital and Balance Sheet Management
  • Expert Regulatory Reporting
  • Guided Navigation through Financial Changes
  • Leadership in Change Adaptation


We blend deep domain expertise with change management prowess to offer high-quality consulting solutions across all asset classes. From regulatory reporting, remediation and reconciliation, to client on-boarding, KYC, AML, trade lifecycle support, and collateral management, our tailored services are designed to elevate your business operations.

Unleash the power of proficient operations services with WSN.

  • Experience meticulous Regulatory Reporting that aligns with the ever-evolving compliance landscape.
  • Streamline your operations with our Remediation and Reconciliation services, ensuring accuracy and consistency in your financial records.
  • Benefit from efficient Client On-boarding, KYC and AML procedures, establishing robust relationships from the get-go.
  • Leverage our robust Trade Lifecycle Support, optimizing each phase for maximum efficiency.
  • Seamlessly manage your risk with our comprehensive Collateral Management and Derivatives Clearing solutions, safeguarding your financial stability.


With WSN, our team not just managing operations – we’re helping you master them.

Risk & Regulatory

Elevate your risk management with WSN Consulting’s robust second and third lines of defense solutions, tailored by industry experts with deep knowledge of governance and core regulatory programs across UK, EU, and US.

Our advisory services, offering regulatory impact analysis to the implementation of strategic plans, are designed to deliver optimal, automated solutions that blend best practice with efficiency, empowering your business to navigate risk with confidence.

  • Enhance your risk management with Risk Governance and Risk Appetite, enabling robust risk management frameworks, aligned with your risk culture, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and concise reporting of enterprise-wide top and emerging risks.

  • Navigate unpredictability with confidence through Enterprise-wide Stress Testing, including capital and liquidity scenarios, scenario architecture design, and effective linkage to risk identification and risk appetite.

  • Establish robust Control Frameworks that ensure effective monitoring and reporting, prudent model risk management, and reliable data management.

With WSN, risk and regulation aren’t just managed – they’re mastered.

Legal Process Outsourcing

Leverage WSN Consulting’s expert legal process outsourcing solutions, designed to support investment banks navigating peak workloads or requiring specialized skills.
Experience relief from capacity constraints, obtain specific SME skill sets and revel in significant cost savings.

Optimized Cost Efficiency

Say goodbye to the fixed salary and overhead costs associated with hiring in-house attorneys or paralegals. Our outsourcing solution provides skilled, vetted, and trained resources for trade agreement review, due diligence, and litigation document search and review, as and when you need them.

Tailored Flexibility

Our on-demand SMEs are ready to meet a diverse range of subject-specific legal needs, providing tailored solutions that fit your unique requirements.

Scalable Solutions

Experience dynamic responsiveness to fluctuating resource demands. We offer quick capacity scalability and talent-specific resource acquisition to fill gaps in your internal competencies. We’re your reliable partner in providing on-demand legal resources for workload spikes, resource constraints, new business initiatives, and changing business environments.

Unwavering Reliability

As specialists in the financial sector, we guarantee consistent and reliable deliverables. Trust in WSN’s unmatched experience and comprehensive capabilities that seamlessly merge legal and business requirements. With WSN, you’re not just outsourcing, you’re upgrading.

Data & Technology

Empower your IT operations with WSN Consulting’s comprehensive suite of automation, advisory, and resourcing services, custom-tailored to align with your cultural and skill set requirements.

Experience a seamless fusion of business process automation, expert advisory, and precision-tailored resourcing services with WSN Consulting, designed to elevate your IT organizations, programs, and projects to new heights.

We join forces with you, aligning our seasoned resourcing leads to identify and deliver personnel that perfectly match your cultural and skill set requirements, whether temporary or permanent.

In the fast-paced world of technology, our advisory experts work relentlessly to identify and implement strategic and tactical changes that catalyze business growth, optimizing current technology systems and processes or ushering in new platforms and frameworks.

With an unerring focus on Organizational Change Management, we meticulously assess climate and culture, collaborate with design and training teams to mitigate impacts, ensuring minimal disruption to operations and a streamlined transition to your desired results.

  • Technology Program and Project Management
  • New System/Platform Analysis and Acquisition Support
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Technology Business Management including IT Finance and Chargeback
  • Portfolio Management
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Organizational Assessment and Framework Adoption (CMMI, ITIL, COBIT, etc.)

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