By Paul Sakr, WSN, Head of APAC

Diversity in the workplace isn’t just a trend – it’s a critical driver of success. I can personally attest to the value an inclusive workforce brings; combining unique worldviews to spark innovation, educate employees and clients and identify untapped markets. Yet, despite the clear benefits, diversity is often overlooked in many global companies. Jerry McMillan, CEO of WSN Consulting and a dedicated mentor to young people of color, has witnessed this firsthand. Businesses constantly searching for the next big thing, but few truly understanding the profound value diversity brings to the table.

Since its inception in 2005, WSN has remained committed to fostering diversity and inclusion. Our firm’s global presence, with headquarters in New York, London and now Sydney, Australia, stands as a testament to our commitment. Alex Ciccotelli, Group CEO of WSN, echoes our firm’s sentiment, “We focus on what people can do and we foster an inclusive and entrepreneurial environment that encourages our team members to excel.” This mindset is one of the reasons why WSN is able to rapidly deploy skilled teams of consultants to our clients, irrespective of location. We have cultivated a culture that values equality, flexibility and openness and that leads to employee attraction and retention.

The 2022 labor force statistics by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predict a demographic shift in the American population, with growing representation of Asian, Hispanic, and multiracial groups. Companies adaptable to this change and fostering a diverse workforce are set to outperform their competitors. WSN has been ahead of this curve for some time. Our firm has been certified as a Minority Business Enterprise by both New York State and the State of Delaware. We serve a diversified client base that spans banks, brokers, hedge funds, and insurance companies, and we pride ourselves on leveraging our diverse teams to deliver innovative solutions. By tapping into our diverse experts across operations, finance, risk and regulation, legal processes, and technology, we’re not just providing services – we’re promoting the value of diversity in the workplace.

WSN has gained significant respect for its skilled and knowledgeable team and we are excited to continue to build that in APAC with our Sydney office. Our consulting resources, risk advisory studies, and fintech case studies propose actionable solutions for top-level decision-makers.

Gary Keane, our Head of UK and I have substantial experience at leading investment banks and consulting firms. We understand how an inclusive workplace can inspire loyalty and advocacy among employees, creating a positive ripple effect. Companies that can attract and retain such workers are more likely to succeed.

Gary says it well: “Our ability to provide fast, smart, focused solutions stems from the ideals of the leadership team. It’s why we engage so deeply with clients about boosting diversity in the workplace. We believe that all solutions start from there.

In short, diversity is a cornerstone of overall business success. Companies embracing diversity and inclusion are more likely to attract and retain talent, drive innovation, and uncover new markets. WSN stands as a testament to this. We’re committed to promoting diversity and collaborating with clients to create more diverse workplaces. Through our expertise, we’re perfectly positioned to help companies worldwide reap the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce.